Mokume Gane Pendant

Mokume Gane Pendant
Julie Picarello Style

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First-Ever Craft Fair

Sunny Days in Gay Craft Fair

May 5 and 6, 2013

The front of my booth.

I finally put my first booth in a craft fair!  It took a lot of nudging by some co-workers, but I'm so glad they did!  Saturday was horrendous!  It was raining sideways!  And cold!!  The temperature never broke 50°!  I had the finest shade of purple lips when the day was over!
Sunday, the sky cleared and temperatures rose to the low 60s! 
What a fantastic day!

This is the side of my booth.  I was so fortunate to get a space up-front and on a corner my first show!  The shows (The Cotton Pickin' Fair is across the street) boast 300,000 people through the shows each year.  The fairs are held the first full weekend in May and October each year.
This is the jewelry area.  My son made the necklace displays.  One is a wine bottle and the other is a very old shampoo bottle he found under the house they bought.  My daughter-in-law wanted that one back --- and I don't blame her!!  The earring display was found at Hobby Lobby.  It started out hot pink, so I painted it the colors I used in my booth.

These two shelves were bought at Family Dollar for $12.00 each.  I painted them green, too.  They are displaying my salt and pepper shakers, pens and covered tins.
The one on the left was the Saturday set-up.  The one on the right was during the torrential downpours! My son changed things around a little when the sun finally shone!
This corner étagère was also purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I had most of my jars and vases on it, along with my margarita glasses that I loved.  Surprisingly, nobody purchased them!  
My son also moved it around the second day.  It was on the back corner and he moved it to the front.  We weren't able to put the green liners back on the shelves because they refused to dry!

These are votive candle holders using translucent clay to allow the light to show through.
I ended up setting up a small display to show how I made the polymer clay.  People thought they were painted on until they touched the pieces.  So I set up and showed them and left them feel the raw clays and see some canes.
That was fun!

Last but not least, the table that was the major topic of questions --- not for the ornaments and jars, but the bistro set itself!!  It was loved!  The set came from the Home Depot for $139.00.  And that's the original color!
It was a fantastic experience and I was told that I was I started out about as bad as it could get with the Saturday storms!  I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to do the show in October.  But, I need to find a place to put all of the extra stuff I had to buy for display first!
Happy crafting! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Color for Up ‘n Smoke or…how to paint a checkerboard!

Remember the bland piggy?
There were actually 2 or 3 more attempts.  Didn't like any of them.  Just couldn't cook anything up that had any interest.....

So, I stripped off all of the paint, yet again!! 
Leading me to color in the form of a checkerboard.  I had a difficult time finding an easy tutorial for painting a checkerboard, so I combined a few to create my own fairly easy way.
I don’t have pictures of the first few steps because I didn’t know I would decide to make a mini-tutorial.
After deciding the area you want to be your checkerboard, tape it off. 
The entire area of your checkerboard should be painted in your lightest color.  In my case, white.  After that is totally dry you can start taping out your pattern.
Decide how large you want your squares, based on the thickness of available tape.  Personally, I prefer Frog Tape.

How Frog Tape Works
It is available in several widths
1”, 1 1/2” and 2” at most home supply stores. I used 1” in my project.
Tape off  your first line using small pieces of your tape at both ends of your checkerboard to get a precise width on your line.

I don’t have actual pictures of this step, so I apologize for this mock-up on my work table!!

Now, move the scraps of tape (or tear new ones) and place for your second and successive rows.

After you have done the process, repeat it on the perpendicular, creating squares. 

After making sure you remove all  scrap pieces of tape, paint your entire area with the second color.  In my case, red.

When the paint dries, remove all the interior tape and repeat the process covering the  red squares in both directions. 

Paint the red again, and let it dry completely. 

Remove the tape again and
almost-instant checkerboard!

I will post a picture of the completed piggy sign as soon as I finally paint “Up ‘n Smoke”!

Well, here it is... 
The rusty pig that nearly broke me!!  Hope he likes it!!

Up ‘n Smoke

One of my co-workers has a competition BBQ team.  He brought this chemically-rusted metal pig to me and asked me to paint "Up 'n Smoke", their team name, on it.

Piece of cake, right?  Well, no.

10-oz. Vintage Gold Satin Metallic Paint
My first attempt was using Martha Stewart Metallic Paint.
I don't have any pictures of that.  To this point I hadn't realized what a trial this project was going to be!  It has to be the most expensive 'freebie'

I've ever done!
 osl-109-l_w.jpg1 Shot Lettering Enamels
The second try, I used 1Shot gold automotive paint that I purchased at Summit Racing Equipment in McDonough, GA..
As you can see below, it seemed too "bland" --- and nobody likes a bland pig!  So, I decided to outline it in red. 
Not so hot! 
I had tried to curl the lettering some to conjure the illusion of smoke.
My piggy plan was actually going up in smoke!
So, out came the paint stripper!!
 I used Citristrip Stripping Gel from The Home Depot.
Let me tell you, this stuff is FANTASTIC!!

No fumes or odor, and it curdled that paint right up!

There were actually 2 or 3 more attempts.  Didn't like any of them.  Just couldn't cook anything up that had any interest.....
Then I decided it needed COLOR…
and another post …..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Courtesy of Cracker Barrel

A recent trip to Cracker Barrel...

..brought me to the decision to have a brown, green and gold Christmas tree this year.  I always have a color theme going on.

Last year was silver and white.... 

Silver and White 2011

...with very small touches of red and green from the polymer clay covered ornaments that I placed over the white lights.
Mokume gane covered glass ornament

Back to the Cracker Barrel part of this story!  They have a beautiful green, brown and gold tree in the store.
This ornament moved me away from my polymer clay for the past week or so!  I've been creating my own ornaments!  Of course, with time and materials, I could have probably said, "Load it into my truck!" and spent less money!! But I've been having a great time creating them!

These pictures were taken on the fly before zooming out the door to take my granddaughter home, so aren't the best.  Just thrown in boxes to keep them from the kitties!

If you get a chance to drop by a Cracker Barrel, take a look at their tree!  It's breathtaking!

I'm also making new polymer clay ornaments for the lights.  I've been accused of making "glittery camouflage".  I'll put a picture on here as soon as I get one taken! 

Merry Christmas, y'all!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

After years of dreaming...

I finally dug deep into my pocketbook and did a complete 're-do' of my Craft Room.  After two trips to IKEA (wouldn't all fit in one pickup truck load!), and much assistance from my son, it's finally completed!  I love the look but still wish I had more room!  I used Billy bookshelves with doors in two corners and Expedit everywhere else.  If you look at an earlier post  you can see that there has been a great improvement!

Below is my crafty 8 year old granddaughter, Mackenzie.  She loves spending time "doing Art" in my craftroom!  There are Billys in the left corner.  Three make up the actual corner, with doors on the outside units to hide some of the clutter!  Then 2 stacked "short" Billys are to the right of the corner unit.  The black piece with all the drawers holds all of my unopened polymer clay.  Wonderful way to organize the brands and types, such as pearls, glitter, etc.  I purchased that at Hobby Lobby before the 're-do' so it doesn't match, but I can't part with it!  The shelf on the right is an Expedit from IKEA.  My son built the table (which is HUGE) for me!  As you can see, I use every inch of space, including wire shelving from The Home Depot on the closet door.

This one is a better view of one of the corner Billy units, with part of the RED (LOVE IT!!!!) IKEA Expedit units to the left in front of the windows.  You can also see many, but not nearly "all" of the items I love creating with polymer clay!  My blended colors and left-over canes are stored in the containers with the blue painters' tape on them. I put the brand and whether its canes or blends, and what color family is in each container.  The chair is another IKEA find.  VERY COMFY!!  And you can barely see for the stacked containers, the two pasta machines.  One manual and one with a motor that I used to blend colors.  It's so much easier on my shoulder.

These are IKEA Expedits.  Two stacked to the ceiling!  I bought several of the door and drawer inserts. 

I always had heavy curtains on the windows before.  I love the light! I put some clear storage drawers in some of the sections to let more light flow into the room.  I am so happy with the shelves and room I've gained!

This is another corner IKEA Billy unit.  So nice to hide some of the clutter! Well, except for all the "stuff I think I have to have on my table!"

This was not my original plan for this wall.  The TV width wasn't measured quite accurately, so we had to initiate an on-the-fly change in plans! With some changes (the two Expedits were supposed to be on each side or the tv), it's ALL GOOD!!

This is the 4th and final wall.  Again two IKEA Expedits stacked up.  Since I have cathedral ceilings, I gained storage space on top.  My granddaughter, Mackenzie, says I have "lots of junk."  I tell her it's not "junk, it's stuff!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...just like butta...

I had seen several posts by fellow clayers mentioning the use of Thomas Tissue Slicer Blades (catalog No. 6727C18).  I ordered 25 and they came today.  I am utterly astonished at the difference these blades make in slicing!  They cut through 'just like butta'.. no drag, no squish, and a beautiful clean cut surface.  I never knew what I was missing!  Find them here.  Scroll down the page where you will see that you order the seperate pieces.  The initial outlay is steep, but the per blade cost is reasonable.  With shipping at (ouch!!) $15.00,  the blades were $3.43 each.  After using one, well worth the price!

I would love to continue playing, but back to my 'real job' in the morning!  Order the blades!!  Great investment!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the beginning....

Well, here goes nothing!  I have been wanting to start blogging for a while and too "scared" to start!  I have been trying to research to see how all this is done, but finally decided to just jump in with both feet!

I love polymer clay.  I spend most of my time (when I'm not at my "real job"!) in my craft room. 

More craft room pictures here in my craft room.

I've spent all day trying to organize my photos so I can share them.  I'm slowly learning.  I'll share one more link tonight.  The very first experiences I had with polymer clay were to create the ABC's for my grandchildren. 
You can see close-ups at Polymer ABC's.

Well, this went fairly well!  I'll post again soon!  Thanks for looking!